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News 20/12/2021


Good morning all. Please note that this will be the last Daily Market Update for the year, we will resume sending the commentary on the 3rd of January 2022. For any market colour or commentary, please contact your respective dealers.   USD The dollar broke its downward momentum [...]

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News 17/12/2021


USD  The dollar traded in narrow ranges in Wednesday’s session and ended on the downside as market participants awaited the FED’s policy statement. The FED finally announced an end to its bond buying program and 3 likely interest rate hikes in 2022 to curb inflation. The dollar [...]

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News 13/12/2021


USD  The dollar weakened against its rivals in late trading on Friday, ending the week on the backfoot after the release of US inflation data.  US CPI index climbed to 6.8% YoY in November, amidst supply chain constraints, further prompting expectations of sooner than expected interest rate [...]

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News 08/12/2021


USD  The dollar pushed higher again in yesterday’s session, strengthening for a 2nd consecutive day as safe-haven demand continues to be a market driver.  The dollar index reached a high of 96.592 and ended the session at 96.369. EUR  The euro continued to slide yesterday, as poor [...]

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News 07/12/2021


USD  The dollar index ended the session firm after starting the day on the backfoot but managed to advance and gather upward momentum in the mid-afternoon session as the Omicron variant fears continue to recede, bolstering demand for the haven. The dollar index reached a high of [...]

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News 06/12/2021


USD The dollar took strain and traded under pressure ahead of the nonfarm payrolls print but managed to regain its composure to end the week on the front foot as the lower-than-expected payrolls print of 210K lifted the dollar.  The dollar index traded a low of 95.967 [...]

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News 03/12/2021


USD The dollar index ended the session moderately firmer after being mostly range bound. The dollar index peaked at 96.175,  underpinned by positive US Jobless Claims print of 222 000. The dollar index ended the session at 96.156.  EUR The euro retreated and erased its earlier gains [...]

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News 02/12/2021


USD The dollar came under pressure earlier in the session and edged lower as the first confirmed Omicron variant case was detected. The dollar managed to retrace its losses and rallied, buoyed by a positive print of ISM data which increased to 61.10, signalling an expansion in [...]

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