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News 30/03/2022


USD The US dollar paused from its recent rally, prompted by promising peace talks between Russia and Ukraine which ignited hopes to an end of Russia’s prolonged invasion.  A decline in the Consumer Confidence Index from a prior high of 110.50 to 107.20, also added salt to [...]

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News 29/03/2022


USD The dollar edged higher, breaking through the 99 handle, marking its territory as a safe-haven as dollar demand dominated throughout the session.  A rise in treasury yields post the accelerated sell off in JPY bond yields, further lockdown restrictions in China and elevated expectations of extra [...]

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News 28/03/2022


USD The dollar ticked higher against a basket of its peers, rising to high of 98.834 in Friday’s session buoyed by rising crude prices, a slight decline in the U Mich Sentiment data did little to dent the dollars allure.  After opening the session at 98.749 the [...]

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News 24/03/2022


USD The dollar advanced in yesterday’s session, challenging the 99  zone once again, following the anticipated arrival of the US President in Brussels along with other western leaders to discuss further targeted sanctions against  Russia.  The dollar index rose to a high of 98.883 and ended the [...]

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News 23/03/2022


USD Following a great start to the day, the dollar struggled for the better part of the session and ultimately gave up all its initials gains during late trades. Despite the rising prospect of a 50 bps increase by the Fed, and the pressure from the prolonged [...]

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News 18/03/2022


USD The dollar registered losses for a 4th consecutive session, hitting its lowest level in a week as markets continue to digest the Fed’s hawkish tone.  A decline in Initial Jobless Claims from a prior 227K to 214K and improved Philly Fed Index print to 27.4 failed [...]

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News 17/03/2022


USD Momentum was on the downside for the dollar in its earlier activities, falling to a low of 98.295 intraday. Although the dollar managed to retrace some of its losses as the Fed announced an interest rate hike of 25bps, in line with the market’s expectation, and [...]

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News 16/03/2022


USD The US dollar continues to remain under pressure, declining for a 2nd consecutive session yesterday, as the release of mixed U.S. PPI data saw dollar demand fade. While developments of the Ukraine crisis and surging Covid cases in China remain in the backdrop, investors now shift [...]

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News 15/03/2022


USD The dollar came off its recent highs, starting the week on a somber note as talks between Russia and Ukraine hang in the balance. In addition to the looming FED meeting, where  Jerome Powell is expected to give color on the central bank’s fiscal policy and [...]

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News 14/03/2022


USD The dollar reigned supreme in Friday’s session as a glimmer of hope in ceasefire talks sparked the dollar’s rally. The dollar index edged in a positive territory, pelting its safe-haven counterparts, and came close to its five-year high to peak above the 99 handles.  The dollar [...]

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