News 29/03/2023


USD Challenging conditions persisted for the US dollar in yesterday’s session as the recent panic from the banking sector crisis continued to gradually subside, post the announcement of the First Bank Citizen’s agreement to buy all deposits and loans from Silicon Valley Bank.  An upside surprise to [...]

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News 28/03/2023


USD The US dollar had a firm start to the week and traded within range for most of the day yesterday, as investors continued to tread carefully as they sought clarification on the fallout from the recent banking failures that have shook the market.  However, the currency [...]

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News 27/03/2023


USD After a steady session in the early morning, the dollar index ended the week on a positive note as risk aversion continued to erode the market on the back of market jitters surrounding the banking crisis.  The dollar index ended the week at 103.116, having reached a [...]

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News 24/03/2023


USD The US dollar had a brief step into negative territory from open, forming its intra-session low at 101.915. However, the index managed to reverse some of its earlier session losses as risk conditions exchanged hands on the day post the Initial Jobless Claims print of 191K [...]

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News 23/03/2023


USD The US dollar remained flat in the early hours as the market awaited the Fed’s rate decision. The question on the day was whether the Fed was going to deliver a dovish 25bps rate increment and signal a pivot in the tightening of its monetary policy [...]

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News 22/03/2023


USD The US dollar maintained its bearish stance yesterday as market participants priced in the possibility of a pause in rate hikes from the Fed, whilst the rates market priced in a 25bps hike. The US dollar stepped into negative territory from open, weaking to 103.002 intraday. [...]

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News 17/03/2023


USD The dollar index traded on the backfoot amidst improved risk sentiment, as well as the ECB’s rate hike decision. Risk-aversion waned off in the session on the back of Credit Suisse’s announcement to borrow money from the Swiss National Bank to stabilize their liquidity “position”. The [...]

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News 16/03/2023


USD Another day of banking woes enticed a risk-off mood which permeated through the market. Consequently, the dollar index made a turnaround and surged in the session amidst the drop in Credit Suisse’s (a Swiss bank) stock which led investors to flee to the safe-haven dollar. Although, [...]

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News 15/03/2023


USD The dollar index ended in the red and traded lower on the back of high inflation figures, despite slightly recovering in the session as Silicon Valley Bank fears ease down. Headline CPI for February increased by 6.0% YoY, in line with market expectation but lower than [...]

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News 14/03/2023


USD The US dollar took a nosedive in the session amidst the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), one of America’s largest banks, which has taken a toll on the market as it may show how silently detrimental a continuous increase in interest rates has been. [...]

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