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News 24/02/2022


USD The demand for the US dollar rose yesterday as investors sort for safety in the havens amidst the ongoing geopolitical tensions that have kept global markets on edge.  The dollar index crossed the 96.200 thresholds, peaking at 96.236 level intraday. The dollar index maintained its upward [...]

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News 23/02/2022


USD The dollar ticked lower and battled to forge a clear path, remaining range-bound throughout the day. Better than expected economic data failed to urge the dollar to make any additional moves.  Overnight, the US imposed its first wave of targeted sanctions against Moscow in retaliation against [...]

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News 22/02/2022


USD The dollar index started the session trailing behind as Russian-Ukrainian geopolitical headwinds halted its rally, with muted dollar flows due to the holiday also weighing on the currency. Risk sentiment briefly made a comeback but abruptly ended as developments around the prospects of the meeting between [...]

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News 21/02/2022


USD The dollar posted additional gains in Friday’s session as investors remained guarded and took a wait-and-see stance for further signals on the hostile Russian-Ukrainian frictions. The dollar index had a subtle start to the session but rapidly dashed past the 96.00 mark in the latter parts [...]

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News 18/02/2022


USD The dollar index ticked marginally higher as  risk aversion drove investors to the haven assets as Russia-Ukraine tensions  escalated yesterday.  A dip in US Bond Yields and mixed macroeconomic data from yesterday,  with US Jobless Claims print of 248K, worse than the expected 219K also slightly denting [...]

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News 17/02/2022


USD The dollar index traded on the backfoot yesterday, giving up its previous gains on the back of reduced geopolitical tensions and lower US Treasury yields.  Better than expected economic data failed to lend support to the dollar, with Retail Sales up by 3.8% and Industrial Production [...]

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News 15/02/2022


USD The US dollar remained on the upside, to kick start the week, opening at 96.034, bolstered by rising US yields and more so the risk averse environment  that  persisted throughout  the session. The heightened geopolitical tension on the Ukrainian border and hawkish rhetoric from the Fed, [...]

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News 14/02/2022


USD  The dollar index ticked higher during Friday’s trading session, aided by the recovery in US yields and bets of a Fed rate hike of 50bps by the end of March 2022.  The dollar was lifted further, breaking the 96.00 level as the US warned that Russia [...]

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News 11/02/2022


USD The dollar had quite a volatile session yesterday, swinging to a high of 96.002 and a low of 95.173 before consolidating its moves to end the day flat. The overly anticipated US CPI inflation came out worse than expected, printing 0.6% MoM and 7.3% YoY compared [...]

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News 10/02/2022


USD The US dollar continued on a sideway trend on Wednesday, giving up the previous session’s gains ahead of US CPI inflation data. US inflation printed 0.5% MoM previously, with the market still pricing in 0.5% for today. We saw the dollar index retreating against its peers, [...]

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